2022 Scholarship Recipients / $39,000 awarded
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Cristian Rodriguez
Vicente Mainez
Nicholas Hinojosa
Morgan Hansen
Hailei Hernandez
Luis Hernandez
Steven Menchaca
Zoe Hernandez
Abigail Cazares
Aleric Rosales
Chase Denton
Luke Sanchez
Godiale Lira
Keren Lugo
Kathryn Galindo
Carleigh Castillo
Jaime Ramirez
Mia Olsen
Joseph Flores
Kathryn Balderas
Isabela Sanchez
Dalilah Imming
Larisa Flores
Alexis Garza
Jaelynn Santana
Julissa DeLaCruz
Diago Guerrero
Kylie Barnard
Jaxon Gutierrez
James Eguia
Tse Morgan
Taj Jones
Ariel Rangel
Victor Mercado-Reyes
Tyler Link
Sabrina Mendez
Sophia Rios
Irelyn Wood

2021 Scholarship Recipients / $30,500 awarded
Alexander Melgarejo
Alfonso Melgarejo Jr.
Alomar Ybarra
April Portillo
Ashlyn Weikle
Belen Mendoza
Cade Simpson
Eliana Salazar
Elizabeth Green
Emma Lugo
Fatima Tovar
Jackeline Martinez
Jade Menchaca
Josiah Robles
Julian Robles
Kalyn Marcx
Kamren Flores
Kareny Villalobos
Luz Alvarez
Luz Cruz
Maria Melgarejo
Mia Torres
Natalia Rodriguez
Rebekah Casey
Seth Ojeda
Sierah Martinez
Skylur Botello
Tristan Kurz
Zayne Michaelsen

2020 Scholarship Recipients / $31,000 awarded
Abigail Gracia
Abigayle Jose
America Fernandez
Andrea Antopia
Bryan Ledesma
Danielle Sandoval
Deanna Martin
Elia Muzquiz
Elizabeth DeLeon
Fabio Strozzi
Gabriela Rodriguez
Geronimo Flores
Hannah Hansen
Irvin Rosado
Isaiah Aguilar
Ivana Kuria
Jalyn McGuffin
Jayde Jones
Jude Barrera
Julee Bachle
Katrina Aguilar
Linda Thrasher
Lorelei Legorreta
Maria Alvarez-Ledesma
Marissa Santana
Michael Perez
Natalie DeLaCerda
Nathan Gutierrez
Randy Horn
Raul Julian
Rebecca Stevens
Ryan Campos
Savannah Rios

2022 Innovative Grants / $35,732 awarded

Building Architects and Engineers

Life is a Cycle of Ends and Starts…

1,2,3, Move With Me!

Green Thumbs

Let my Voice Be Heard

Solar Car Extension – “Learning by Doing”

No Beach Needed at BVE

Students as Producers: Exploring Video Media Production

STEM Kits for Students

Readers Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Light up our Life in Pre-K

Outdoor Learning Lounge

Virtual Reality takes CENTER STAGE

Cooking Up Our Future

Building Historians through the Pages

Learning hands on is cool and fun!

Mechanical Models


Night to Remember

2021 Innovative Grants / $20,927 awarded

Mary, Mary, Quite Exemplary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Building the Literacy Foundation

Somerset (STEM) Vertical Alignment – Solar Cars

Kindness Rocks Garden Expansion

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Building Writers

Shooting STAAR 2.0

Radio Station and Recording Booth

Somerset Jr. High S.T.E.A.M. Club

Physics Drives the World

The Brain and its Parts

Night to Remember

2020 Innovative Grants / $24,701 awarded

Hard-Wired to Close the Paths Across Curriculum

Robots are COOLER Underwater, Aquabot Edition

Real World Data Collection Leads to Improved STAAR Data

Digital Mind, Digital Designer

AGROBots-Robots in the Agriculture Industry

Stress and Release

Ukulele Club

Magiscopes for Outdoor Learning

Can You Picture It

Scrabble Club

Growing the Future of Agriculture!

Physics Drives the World – Data Driven Students

Night to Remember